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Pregnancy Care & Child Birth

Pregnancy Care & Child Birth

Pregnancy is a beautiful time not only for the parents to be, but for the entire family.

It is important to choose your obstetrician and where you will deliver your baby very carefully as your pregnancy is supposed to be a joyful time.

Pre-pregnancy counselling:
For every couple planning to have a baby, A pre-pregnancy consultation is a must to pick up certain problems which maybe overlooked by the couple, which may cause complications during pregnancy. ‘Prevention is better than cure’¬†holds very true during the beautiful journey of bring your baby into the world!.
Pregnancy care is divided into trimesters medically. Your doctor will want to see you accordingly.

At my clinic I make sure all my pregnant couples are very connected to me at all times.
At each stage of your pregnancy you will be counselled about what to expect next and all your queries will be answered.

Medications during pregnancy:
Never take any medicines during pregnancy without consulting your doctor as not all medicines are safe for the developing baby.
Your doctor will prescribe you multivitamins, calcium, iron tablets in appropriate doses during your antenatal consultations.

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